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Seats that have been part of the main stand at Selhurst Park since 1924 are being ripped out and replaced as part of a renovation programme. The ground is undergoing work to improve the football stadium, to be completed before the start of the Premier League season. Crystal Palace fans are being given the opportunity to purchase the antique seats for just £20 each, with 250 fans snapping them up so far.

A number of fans have said that the opportunity is one which can’t be missed – a chance to buy into the history of the football club. Andy Burton has been a Crystal Palace supporter all his life and said:

“It’s a real antique, and for £20 it’s a bargain. It could be worth something in the future but I am going to keep it as a souvenir.”

The seat will be presented to the lucky fans in one entire piece, although Burton has yet to decide what he will use the chair for. He is considering adding it to his decking or maybe storing it in the loft to pass down to future generations. He spoke of the charm existing in the main stand, adding that the modern stands are “soulless”. One young follower of the club, Liam Giles, has been a fan all his life and intends to hand his chair down to his children.

Antique furniture is a part of history and is often purchased as an investment for future generations. However, antique furniture is used every day in some homes, including items like antique dining chairs .

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