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A man who thought he was dying followed his dream of opening an antique shop and more than twenty years later he is still alive and well.

In 1995, David Rolfe was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma which made him think that he did not have long left to live. He decided to follow his dream of opening an antique shop in Wellsway, Bath. Over 20 years later he is still alive and not planning to retire. He said:

“I have always been interested in antiques, collecting things and ‘junk’ and I wanted to end my days in an antique shop. I did not think I had much time left after contracting cancer. I have lived for about 20 years longer than I thought I would.”

When he first opened the shop, several residents complained saying that the area did not need a ‘junk’ shop. As he learnt more about the antique trade, Rolfe developed his shop to become the “best antique shop in the South West.”

The shop is closing in January 2019, but not because of David’s health, but increased overheads. This is not the end for David though, as he hopes to open another shop soon.

Like many antique shop owners, David has always been passionate about collecting antiques and wanted to turn his passion into a business. Lancashire antique dealers are also passionate about antiques and are a good source of antique desks, chests, settees and more, which they are happy to enthuse over.

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