07 Mar 2021
September 21, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques News — Mark

During the coronavirus lockdown, antique dealers suffered a lack of business, but as restrictions have eased, shops have reopened, and they are recovering their trade. Many have been trading for decades and are determined not to let the pandemic stop them from continuing their businesses.

Though trade is recovering, there are still challenges facing antique dealers. Many people who have been furloughed or lost their jobs are trying to save money and are not spending much on luxuries.

Scrap dealers are a source of antique items and many are not accepting visitors. Some flea markets and car boot sales, where antiques are also sourced, have not reopened. This has meant dealers may find it difficult to add enough antiques to their inventory.

However, it has been reported that antique sales are starting to pick up, although there is some way to go before pre-coronavirus levels are achieved. Overall, the outlook of dealers is positive.

Antique dealers have reorganised their shops to allow space for people to keep safe distances from each other whilst browsing, and have also added extra hygiene measures. The number of visitors allowed in a shop may be restricted, but Lancashire dealers are welcoming antique lovers again.

A few dealers may close due to financial problems caused by the pandemic, but most antique dealers are resilient and are slowly increasing their business.

Antique lovers looking to add to their collection can still visit their antique dealer to view a wide selection of antique cabinets, sofa, cupboards, chairs and other fine wares.

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