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January 13, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

The owners of an antique store in High Point, North Carolina have opened a soda shop so that their clients can step back in time, along with their families and friends.

Chip Harris, the co-owner of the store, said that the soda shop provides a wholesome treat which would remind people of their childhood days.

The soda shop has a marble top counter with stools, a HotPoint refrigerator dating back to the 1940s and a high bar. Treats being served include Cracker Jack, candy, milkshakes, floats and bottled drinks. According to Harris, they worked especially hard to maintain the old fashioned image, using vintage accessories to furnish the store.

The theme for the shop is moon pies, which are heated until they are soft. Customers can add any ingredient they like to their pies. During the winter months, coffee and hot chocolate have become popular drinks, although Harris hopes that, during the summer,people will want cold beverages.

Harris states that young people have very little knowledge of a soda fountain, which was originally kept at the back of pharmacies. As the soda shop became popular, juke boxes were added, attracting teenagers to the stores.

The soda shop has been furnished carefully, using vintage and antique furniture, possibly including antique dining tables . Lancashire UK has a number of reputable stores where antique furniture can be viewed, possibly used to create an authentic feel in the home or even to open a soda shop.

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