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The descendant of one of the oldest families in Barmouth and the great grandnephew of the first coxswain of the Barmouth lifeboat, recently donated a telescope to Barmouth RNLI.

The crew, which has already completed more than 40 callouts this year, were presented with the antique device by Robert Wyn Jones, who has a very strong connection to the organisation. Humphrey Jones served as a member of Barmouth Lifeboat from 1866 to 1892. He was the first named coxswain and served for 26 years. Rhys David Jones, the father of Robert, also served as a member of the association, from 1960 to 1967 as a coxswain. Robert has followed in the family footsteps and has also served as a member of Barmouth lifeboat station.

The telescope had been in the Jones family for a number of generations, and had been bequeathed to Robert. It is thought to have belonged to the son of coxswain Humphrey Jones, Rees Jones, who served as the signalman and secretary for the organisation from 1888 until he died in 1929. The telescope has now been donated by Robert to Barmouth RNLI, which has said that it will display the antique in the museum, which is part of the shop at the lifeboat station.

The telescope was presented to Rob Williams and Peter Davies by Robert and Sybil Jones. Perhaps the organisation may consider purchasing an antique cabinet which originates from the same era, so that the telescope will be protected from dust and other environmental factors.

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