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February 25, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

An old thermometer discovered in an antique shop was found to hold the history of the weather in Red Bluff California since 1933. The thermometer, which is believed to be around 100 years old, had hung on the wall of the Red Bluff Drug Store until being removed recently by Ralph Ehorn.

Ehorn’s Antiques and More had been located on Main Street in the city until recently, when Ralph and his wife decided to close the store after 50 years in the photography and antiques trade.

When the thermometer was removed from the wall, Ralph spotted writing on the back which detailed the weather periodically since 1933. The dates that the weather was recorded tended to be the days when the heat had become unbearable. The hottest day was in 1975, when the temperature reached 122 degrees. In 1981 another entry refers to ‘some very welcome rain’, which Ralph remembers to be true at that time.

Native American antiques are particular favourites of Ralph’s and he says that items can be found when the water level of Sacramento River falls.

Although the couple know that it is time to retire from the industry, Ralph still has ideas for the future – including a museum for antique cars.

Objects from the past can often be discovered in old items of furniture – such as antique desks that have notes and letters lodged undiscovered for years at the back of drawers. The type of wood and the construction method also give details of an item’s history.

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