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A restoration project at the Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie has to be treated carefully to avoid further damage to the antique planter waiting for necessary repairs. The antique planter, which was selected for the project has to be treated with delicacy. Nicolas Reinhart, started out as a volunteer at the museum before becoming a permanent employee, now handling most of the restoration work.

Repair of antiques has to be carefully undertaken, using antique tools to avoid damage of the item. Most of the restoration projects at the museum are dealt with by Reinhart, who prefers using antique tools. His grandfather is the influence behind the use of old tools when restoring antiques, not permitting him to use modern electric tools.

The staff at the museum selected the antique planter, which is over 100 years old for restoration by Reinhart. The plans for restoration were scrutinised by Reinhart before commencing with the project, as he was determined to create something that everyone would be proud of. The tools used for restoration were also more than 100 years old, although he had to use nails which were newer. Reinhart said:

“I use antique tools, such as antique wrenches. It brings more romance and character when you use antique tools repairing old things.”

Restoration is a skilled craft, which requires time and patience to return antiques to their former glory. If you are looking for carefully restored antique furniture, like antique desks, Lancashire has many reputable antique dealers who will happily show you a selection of fine antique furniture, all carefully restored.

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