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Members of the public will be able to finally view the antique treasures on display inside Trinity House, as it celebrates its 500th anniversary in May.

In 1514, a Royal Charter was granted by King Henry VIII to a group of mariners so that they could ‘regulate the pilotage of ships in the King’s streams’. This event will be celebrated with the rare opportunity to view inside Trinity House.

Trinity House, located on Tower Hill, will be open on 17th May to the public so that the artefacts and other treasures can be viewed at leisure. Guides will be stationed around the five rooms all day so that questions will be answered. The house was built in 1794 and houses fine art and antiques which provide the history of the country’s nautical heritage. One of the recent purchases made is the brass bell salvaged from the Royal Yacht Britannia, decommissioned in 1997. The property is now used as the office for the General Lighthouse Authority, which has responsibility for navigation aids, from traditional methods like buoys to the latest technology of satellite navigation.

The open day will provide an opportunity for collectors to view valuable items which have a rich history, including antique chests which may have been used to store some of the more fragile items. The Corporation which was incorporated in 1514 also serves as a maritime charity, providing education and caring for the welfare of mariners, while promoting sea safety.

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