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August 31, 2011 - Filed under: Victorian Dining Chairs — Richard

The celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of Clarks Summit presented a perfect opportunity for Lorraine Durkin to indulge her greatest passion-the Victorian era. August 2011 marks 100 years for the borough, and the whole town were involved in celebrations last week. The event was held at Nichols Village, South Abingdon, where locals enjoyed live music, cocktails and food which had been provided by the local restaurants.

Lorraine has always had a passion for all things Victorian, so when this event was announced she immediately thought about wearing antique clothing from the Victorian era. She jokes that she believes she was Victorian in a former life, so great is her love for Victoriana. Her outfit on the night consisted of a simple black dress topped with a Victorian black hat decorated with lace and feathers.

More than 300 people were present at the Centennial celebrations, which included Gerrie Carey, the borough council President. She wore a 1920’s style flapper dress with costume jewellery. During the evening, the party was transported back in time to April 1911 by a group of local women dressed in antique clothing from Edwardian and Victorian times. This provided just a glimpse of what life would have been like during that era. A craft fair and a Victorian clothing display completed celebrations.

Victorian clothing, furniture and other objects from that period are very much in evidence today, still in use in some homes. For instance, collectors on the hunt for Victorian dining chairs in the Lancashire area of the United Kingdom can find a number of antiques dealers who have a variety of great pieces on offer.

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