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Antique furniture has many benefits and remains popular with collectors throughout the world. An increasing number of people are considering buying antique items rather than modern furniture, for many reasons.

Antiques are an investment

As interest rates on savings accounts remain low, antiques are a secure long term investment. There are risks involved as the price of items can fall, but generally speaking a solid piece of antique furniture, especially if it is rare, will at least hold its value and usually will increase over time.

If you want to be sure that you are investing in a genuine antique, only buy from a reputable dealer. Invest in vintage furniture that you want to have in your home, as the demand for certain styles may change over time. Furniture that hasn’t been extensively restored is preferable, as antiques can lose value if restoration isn’t carried out correctly. For instance, replacing the original finish with something different may devalue an item.

Modern furniture is generally purchased relatively cheaply and very often has to be assembled at home. Such items are not made to last for any real length of time, and are often discarded and replaced after a few years.

Insurance is a necessity for your collection of antique furniture. Pieces that are regularly used, like antique coffee tables, can easily become damaged. You should also insure against theft or damage by fire and flooding.

Quality of antique furniture

The quality of antique furniture will always be better than mass produced, modern items. Furniture was hand made using solid wood in most cases, with fine craftsmanship creating pieces of furniture that were attractive and in huge demand. Ornate pieces were made to please the eye, although as tastes changed throughout the centuries, so did the design of furniture. Oak, walnut and mahogany were mainly used to make dark, solid pieces that would withstand the test of time.

Although a few minor imperfections and scratches is acceptable in antique furniture, it should be cared for in the correct manner, as trying to make minor repairs yourself can reduce the value of vintage items. Many items of antique furniture have elaborate carvings and decoration that makes a piece attractive, easily blending into any style of décor. Antique bedroom furniture, for instance, often features gilded decor that can instantly make a room appear opulent.

Environmentally friendly furniture options

In today’s throwaway society, antique furniture is an environmentally friendly option. Antiques are reused, often for hundreds of years as they are so well made. Rather than polluting the environment with factory processes, antique furniture can be used for many years while withstanding everyday use. Modern furniture is often made using inferior materials that are only meant to last a few years before being discarded and replacements bought.

Interior design

Antique furniture can add personality to even the most modern room in a home. With various types of wood and materials used to create a piece, just one item will add worth to a space. The design of the fabric used on antique sofas is just one way to add colour and style to a room.

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