07 Mar 2021
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Brick and Board, a lumber company in Baltimore, USA, is saving antique wood from being burnt or disposed of in landfills.

The business collects wood from fallen trees and abandoned vacant housing. Timber from trees planted in the 1500s and harvested during the American Civil War have ended up in Brick and Board’s warehouse.

The founder of Brick and Board, Max Pollock, says that some of the wood the company saves has unique properties, such as the distinctive grain of yellow pine, which is not found in modern wood. He believes that antique wood has a story to tell and should not be thrown away.

Pollock is encouraging furniture makers to use old wood to construct new furniture to give the timber a new lease of life, and he is helping to train young people in the craft of furniture making.

Brick and Board is a part of what is called the “urban lumber movement”, which is dedicated to saving old wood from the disposal. There is also a strong movement in Britain to reclaim hardwood for reuse. For example, antique French oak is made into parquet block flooring. Combined with fine antique furniture, this flooring adds a luxury heritage feel to a room.

When buying antique chests, tables, chairs and other antique wood furniture from Lancashire dealers, expect the furniture to last for many decades. If wood furniture gets damaged and cannot be restored at an economical cost, the wood has value and can be reused to make modern furniture.

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