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The Opera House in Howell, Michigan, received a large donation recently, thanks to the appraisal organised by Spring’s Red Bird Questers No. 744. One of the experts, Robert DuMouchelle, is a popular appraiser as he has appeared on PBS’ Antiques Roadshow.

So many people attended the fundraiser that, eventually, the organisers had to stop selling tickets to the event. The non-profit organisation, Red Bird Questers No. 744, works towards the Restoration and preservation of historical landmarks, in addition to encouraging interest in antiques.

Around 200 people managed to get into the event and appraisers worked longer than planned to provide each item with an estimated value. One lucky person had an old rifle valued at $20,000 (£12,200).

The money raised at the event will be donated to The Opera House for the renovation of the original red brick on the 1888 venue. Four appraisers gave their time to the event, including Robert DuMouchelle, an auctioneer of DuMouchelle Art Galleries Co.

One of the organisers of the appraisal, Farial Dickow, gave her thanks to members of the community who waited patiently to be seen, as well as the sponsor who made the event possible.

Although the antiques dealers in Lancashire may not have appeared on popular TV shows discussing items of historical significance, they have significant knowledge of furniture such as antique desks and chairs. Collectors searching for items like antique dining tables in Lancashire will find a varied display that has been accurately valued by experienced dealers.

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