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October 19, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

Organisers were delighted to welcome an attendance of over 200 visitors to the yearly Antiques Appraisal and Antiques Jamboree in Battersea, Petersburg. Visitors flocked to the site at Historic Battersea, to hunt for treasures on display by antiques vendors, and also to have their own pieces appraised.

The manager of special events and community outreach for the Battersea Foundation, Toni Clark said that antiques vendors had travelled from miles around to attend the annual event, including Florida and Michigan. Even more expertise was available in the form of seven antiques appraisers. One expert, Ken Farmer, is recognised from the US Antiques Roadshow, which airs on the PBS channel. The celebrity antiques expert also spoke to visitors during a breakfast event.

A number of visitors travelled long distances to visit the city, in addition to bringing their own treasured items. One couple, Elizabeth and Bruce Pierson made the journey from Stafford to attend, experiencing the city for the first time. Not all the visitors received the news they were hoping for during the appraisals. Bill Ellis and his wife presented several antiques for appraisal. Bill said:

“I found out it’s not worth as much as I thought. Looks like I won’t be able to retire, that’s for sure!”

The money raised will contribute to the restoration project for Battersea Villa.

Residents of the UK can browse a large selection of fine antiques in the Lancashire area of the UK. Furniture is especially popular there, with items such as antique dining chairs selling well.

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