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May 3, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques News,Auctions — Richard

Unfortunately it is often the elderly and vulnerable that become the focus of burglars. William Leigh, of Chorley, was sentenced to five years in prison in April at Preston Crown Court for a series of burglaries where he targeted the elderly in Lancashire.

Leigh took his opportunities when people were out of their homes on holiday or in hospital. He would check out alarm systems so as to successfully bypass them and would steal heirlooms and antiques which he would then pass on at local auction houses in the locality.

Although not hugely valuable, Leigh was quite discerning in what he took. At a property in Horwich he stole a grandfather clock, a barometer, some candlesticks and other bits and pieces valued at £2,330. At another home in Euxton he also stole a clock and other less valuable items.

It was obvious from these burglaries that size was no object and he chose the best pieces in the house. Many of his victims were left distraught when valued family heirlooms were stolen.

A spokesman for Chorley CID was pleased with the sentencing and said that:

‘this man has showed no remorse for his victims and I hope they can take some comfort from the fact that Leigh will now serve a considerable amount of time behind bars’.

Unfortunately in the antiques world, many stolen items can get passed on through the trade, so great care has to be taken when shopping for antique furniture. When purchasing an antique cabinet in Lancashire , always go to a reputable antiques dealer who will be able to vouch for its provenance.

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