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February 26, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

In Lancashire, antiques collecting generally means haggling over the Victorian dining chairs and antique chests at Preston antiques centre. However, in Dursley they take things a little more literally. A dog walker has warned people to be alert after a spate of digging for antique glass bottles left local woods pitted with dangerous holes and broken glass.

Dursley is a historic Gloucestershire town on the banks of the river Cam. During the 19th century it became famous as the centre for the Lister Stationary Engine Company. Lister-Petter still have their headquarters here today, although the handsome gothic estate has been turned into luxury housing. However, it isn’t industrial engine parts that have got local treasure hunters industriously digging, but antique glass bottles.

Today, Dursley Woods is a beautiful spot popular with families and dog walkers. However, it was once the site of the town tip, where hundreds, if not thousands, of glass bottles and other household items were disposed of over the years. Thanks to the popularity of shows like Cash in the Attic, antique “bric-a-brac” has become a valuable commodity, and collectors have been coming here in their droves looking for antique glass which they can sell for a profit.
Unfortunately, their efforts to reach the deepest and most valuable items have left holes up to 15ft deep, and the forest floor littered with broken glass.

Old tips can yield many treasures, but they’re best left to people like Tony Robinson to find, as he has a more responsible attitude to digging up the past. Instead, visit an antique dealer in Preston, where the open bookcases and antique cabinets often hide interesting nick-nacks.

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