10 Apr 2021
January 8, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

Antiques dealer Carol Will recently discovered a nativity scene and four dolls made by Karen Germany, who lives in Southlake Texas. As the dolls were all hand made, there are a limited number in circulation, making them highly desirable for collectors.

Carol Will has been dealing in antiques since the 1970s but can still be amazed by her discoveries, which now includes the four Daddy’s Long Legs dolls and nativity scene. Although initially Carol didn’t know what the dolls were, after some research she discovered the dolls formed part of an African-American collection hand made by Karen Germany. The designer realised there was a market for the dolls but they were hard to find, so she started to design and make her own dolls. The collection of dolls is unique and Germany retired in 2003 so no more will be made, making them highly sought after.

According to Carol, each detail of the dolls is hand made, even the clothes. The nativity set features Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus and has been on display as part of a Christmas feature. However, the four dolls have been stored safely away, although they are shown to anyone who expresses an interest.

Antique dealers are constantly discovering new items of interest, sometimes a rare piece. Some items like antique furniture can be passed down a family for many generations, occasionally turning out to be desirable to collectors. To display dolls and other such collectibles to their advantage, collectors often use cabinets or, perhaps appropriately, an antique cabinet. Blackburn has a number of antiques dealers with a selection of pieces on display.

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