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June 29, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

In the antiques business, dealers get to know each other, particularly at exhibitions and auctions. Eric and Jenny Ridge, of Granny’s Antiques in Australia’s Cootamundra have finally decided after 28 years attending the same annual exhibition, to retire. The couple have occupied the same spot each year at the Zonta Antique fair which started 28 years ago. After dedicating many years to the exhibition at the Orange Function Centre, they are going to call it a day. Jenny Ridge said:

“Eric is 80 now and there is just so much carrying and unpacking.”

The Ridges say that the people they have met over the years have been wonderful, and the years spent in Orange have been memorable, although a little chilly at times. Mrs Ridge said that the fair has been quieter than usual this year, believing that younger people would rather go shopping for electrical items in large stores, than hunt for bargain antiques. Attick Antiques owner, Margot Lees has been exhibiting at the fair for the same duration as the Ridges, and has noticed that mothers aren’t accompanied by their daughters when visiting the fair as they used to be. According to Mrs Lees, the purchase of an antique engagement ring and wedding ring was quite an event.

The president of Zonta, Sue Hatcher says that the fair has been a total success, yet again. The exhibitors spots were all taken, which has contributed to the success.

For those who live in Lancashire or the surrounding area, there are a large number of antique dealers who are present all year round. Although technology is present in our homes, the presence of antique desks or chairs adds a touch of beauty.

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