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July 18, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

Wellington-based antiques expert, Peter Wedde, recently spent the day at Summerset in the Sun, which is in Stoke, New Zealand. This was the last of 20 visits to the Summerset retirement villages and the day revealed some surprises for the antiques dealer. Residents of the retirement village and other people brought their treasures to be appraised by Wedde.

One of the most valuable discoveries of the day was a cream jug made of silver and shaped like a cow. It dates back to the 19th Century and was valued by Peter at $7,000. Some objects were quite macabre, including a hot water bottle shaped like a doll. It had arms and legs and was filled by removing the head. A Georgian etui was presented to him towards the end of the day, containing a black head exorcising kit. This was thought to be around 200 years old and turned out to be of great interest to Peter. However, even though some of the items brought along to be valued are surprising, he still believes that the stories told by the people are the best aspect of the day.

Antiques all have a tale to be told and this can add to the value of the item. People are often surprised by items of antique furniture they bring along to appraisals – especially when the expert discovers more about the object’s history, or comes across a rare item. For those in the UK looking for antique furniture with a story to tell, antiques dealers in Lancashire may have items like Victorian dining chairs steeped in rich history.

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