25 May 2020
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Leading designers were asked about their predictions for home décor trends in 2019, and antiques were a prominent feature of these forecasts.

Melissa Rayworth reported the forecasts of leading designers in the Business Mirror. The main trend is for sophisticated elegant comfort. Colours will be warm and homes will feature antique wooden items and furniture with rounded corners.

Rather than minimalist design, people want what is described as ‘physical cosiness’ and emotional comfort in their homes. Rounded corner furniture will either be bought new or many people will prefer antiques sofas and chairs with rounded corners. Designer Brett Beldock said:

“They want this cocoon feeling. Our surroundings have to be really warm and comforting.”

Part of creating a warm atmosphere is having beautiful antiques, with designer Dan Mazzarini saying:

“People are responding more positively to things that have an actual sense of history.”

Warm woods such as walnut will continue to be popular, though some people prefer lighter wood shades paired with white items. For storage, antique chests will be popular. Dining areas will feature traditional skirted tables with table clothes

The decor trend for 2019 is described as ‘warm woods and traditional’. Antiques fit well with this look. Many people will mix old and new pieces in their homes.

If you want the warm wood and traditional style, visit Lancashire antique dealers where you will find antique dining tables , chairs, chests, desks and other furniture that will help you create this look.

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