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January 7, 2019 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

At the beginning of a new year, the antique trade makes predictions about the year ahead. This year, the Antiques Gazette, a magazine that covers news about the arts and antique market, has made four predictions.

Its first prediction is that auctioneers and dealers will focus on higher priced quality items. This means that there could be less general sales that offer full house clearance items, many of which are low value non-antiques.

The second prediction is an increase in interest by Asian buyers for old masters. Paintings by well-known master artists will be in great demand and should fetch high prices from Far East buyers.

The third prediction is that antique dealers will be more careful about provenance. In 2018, there have been a number of cases where antiques for sale were claimed to have been stolen. There is pressure in France and Belgium for tribal art to be returned to its country of origin. This is especially true for African art.

The fourth prediction relates to the ivory ban, with new laws coming into effect in late 2019. Many antiques that contain ivory can no longer be sold, but there are many exceptions. Antique dealers are faced with lots of paperwork to make sure that they conform to the new laws.

Whether or not these predictions come true, Lancashire antique dealers will continue to offer fine antiques such as antique dining tables , desks, wardrobes, settees and more that will enhance homes without costing a fortune.

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