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October 13, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Richard

Adam Partridge, the presenter of popular TV show Flog It!, recently accepted an invite from pupils at Grove Junior School in Northwood, London, which had been posted on social media site Twitter.

Partridge spent time helping the pupils learn the trade of valuing art and collectibles as part of a business project. The presenter was impressed by the enthusiasm displayed by the students and the effort by everyone to contribute to the project. He also voiced appreciation of the way that the industrial heritage of the city has been celebrated by the project, with potteries particularly prevalent.

Antiques expert Partridge said:

“I think it’s very important to carry on that legacy of what ceramics did for the area, and it’s good to see children learning about it from such a young age.”

Local enthusiasts and pupils brought in a variety of items to be viewed by the specialist. One resident brought in a Steiff deer that had sentimental value. Although it was valued by Partridge at around £100, the toy will not be sold any time soon. The deputy head, Janet Blackhurst, said that the visit had provided a boost to the project, while Partridge had offered lots of history of the area to the Grove Junior pupils.

Good quality pottery is particularly attractive when placed in a strategic position in a living area, perhaps placed on an antique coffee table. Blackburn has strong links with reputable antiques dealers with a number of suitable pieces.

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