02 Jul 2020
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Minimalism could be on its way out to be replaced by interiors featuring antiques.

Many people have embraced minimalism with rooms that feature simple, flat-pack mass-produced furniture. According to fine art consultant Caroline de Cabarrus this interest in minimalism started in the 1990s when antique furniture became overpriced. People also reacted to the intricate designs of antique furniture. Modern houses are built with smaller rooms, which can feel crowded with too many antiques. However, this minimalism trend could be fading. Caroline de Cabarrus said:

“There is a growing interest in antiques. People are beginning to recognise that you can buy beautiful, hand-crafted furniture for a price that compares very well to a mass-produced machine-made piece.”

Antiques are appealing to people concerned about their carbon footprint because they view them as eco-friendly recycled items. Some people are not sure if antique furniture fits in their modern rooms. Interior designer Amanda Ransom advises that people start by buying a single item of antique furniture and then mix and match them with existing items.

Margaret Riordan runs the Blanchard Collective which brings dealers and the public together where she has noticed an increase in young buyers. She advises:

“A piece of quality furniture will look beautiful anywhere. You don’t need to fill your home with antiques. One or two statement pieces will always look striking.”

If you want to try antiques in your home, visit a Lancashire antique dealer and start small by buying an antique coffee table or antique cabinet.

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