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Valuable and rare antiques recently had to be rescued from Kelmscott Manor, located in the Cotswolds, to avoid being damaged by flooding. The Grade I listed building is next to the River Thames and has flooded in previous years.

A specialist company was called in to rescue some of the rare antiques which had been stored in the cellar. As water was starting to enter the house through the cellar, it was necessary to remove some items. One item is a design by Philip Webb, called Red House. This had to be taken to pieces before it could be transported up the stairs.

Kelmscott Manor was the home of designer and writer William Morris till 1896. Due to its location, the property is at constant risk of flood damage. During the floods of 2007, flooring became damaged and had to be replaced. The current flooding had worsened over Christmas and water surrounded the manor so that people had to wade through to access the property. Sarah Parker, the administrator of Kelmscott Manor, spoke of her concern as the water levels rose. The manor is due to open to the public on April 2.

Antiques, especially antique furniture can easily be damaged by excessive water and should be kept dry. An established antiques dealer can provide information of how to correctly store items like antique dining chairs . Blackburn has a number of reputable dealers that will be able to give advice pertaining to any furniture damaged by water.

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