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Actor, Bronson Pinchot, who appeared in movies ‘Risky Business’ and ‘Beverley Hills Cop’ has been filming segments of shows which are due to be aired on the DIY network in January 2012. The shows will feature a Nescopek man re-upholstering an antique chair and sofa.

Michael E Vogt happened to be watching the show being filmed one day, when Bronson Pinchot approached him to ask where he was from. As Vogt is a re-upholsterer with his own business, Kinetic Comfort Upholstery, he was hired to restore the antique pieces of furniture. The sofa is thought to originate from the 1770’s or early 1800’s, and may be donated to a New York gallery by Pinchot, the owner of the furniture. The chair is around 200 years old and the time to re-upholster will be about 20 hours, with the sofa taking around 16 hours.

The fabric used to cover the chair is nearly as old as the chair itself, and requires reinforcing with cloth. New foam will be used to give it the initial appearance of a new chair, but will still retain the feel of an older chair. Vogt learned his trade in Pittsburgh, and started out by repairing damaged antique furniture for his father’s store, Homestead Furniture. He also worked on the upholstery for Mercedes Benz.

A number of antiques dealers in the UK are experts in the restoration of antiques furniture, which is a highly skilled art. You can be assured that any antique furniture you purchase will have been expertly restored. Spend some time browsing the antiques dealers in the Lancashire area, and perhaps pick up antique dining chairs in Preston , which are in pristine condition.

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