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September 16, 2016 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Mark

The popular BBC show Antiques Road Trip has returned with a bang, as an antiques expert set a new record for making a profit.

Anita Manning, who had previously appeared on auction-based programmes Flog It! and Bargain Hunt, was competing against Raj Bisram when she came across a bronze statue of Buddha. Participants are given £200 each before travelling around the country in a classic car, looking for items they can sell for a profit. The person who makes the highest profit wins the show.

Bisram and Manning start their travels in Norfolk, before moving on to Essex and Suffolk. In Kent, Manning discovered a bronze Buddha, which she knew could either be a considerable amount or very little. Although the statue was priced at £85, the expert managed to bargain the shopkeeper down to £50, with a feeling that the Buddha may be worth much more.

Auctioneer Mark Ellin started the bidding process, which took place at Burstow and Hewett. The statue attracted lots of attention from some overseas buyers in the audience, which Manning had noticed. The auctioneer started the bidding at £1,000 and the bids kept increasing until the final bid of £3,800 was made.

The result exceeded the previous highest bid in 2012, when an expert sold a Staffordshire elephant for £2,700, making a profit of £2,692.

Items like the bronze Buddha may be displayed in a suitable environment, perhaps surrounded by late Victorian furniture, to complement the antique.

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