22 Apr 2021
September 28, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

BBC’s TV programme Antiques Roadshow is now filming new episodes, but has introduced strict social distancing rules to protect the public and presenters from the COVID-19 virus.

Antiques Roadshow is beneficial for the antiques trade, as it generates interest in collecting antiques. A new episode of the programme has recently been filmed in Ipswich. At most locations, 5,000 people or more turn up to see the show filmed. However, in Ipswich, fewer people were allowed to attend and they were chosen after applying online with a description of the antiques they wished to have appraised. The audience and presenters all had to keep a safe distance apart.

Prior to the filming of the episode, Fiona Bruce, the presenter of Antiques Roadshow, said to the BBC:

“It will feel very different in one sense, but when we’ve made programmes like this before – we do it three or four times a year – people don’t really seem to notice. The items we end up with are such humdingers and have such great stories.”

Antique dealers in Lancashire have also introduced social distancing rules and restricted the number of customers allowed in their shops at any one time. They are back in business selling fine antiques such as antique wardrobes, settees and chests.

Antiques Roadshow is famous for finding objects valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds, brought in by unsuspecting members of the public. Fortunately, at Lancashire dealers, there is no problem finding more affordable antiques.

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