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July 20, 2015 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

Bolsover Castle welcomed about 3,000 people as filming started for an episode of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

It was the first time the programme had been filmed in Bolsover, with many of the locals taking along their treasures to be appraised by the resident experts.

Fiona Bruce, the presenter of the show, said that she was impressed by the number of people who had turned up for the show, and speculated that there could have been anything up to 4,000 people there. Bruce said that although the team was eager to see what was brought along for valuation, they were also keen to hear the stories and meet the people.

Hilary Wignell, 75, had taken a 19th century walking stick along, which had had a psalm carved onto it by her great-great-grandfather, William Scott. The antique walking stick had been passed down the family. Wignell said she wouldn’t consider selling it, no matter what the value was.

A chair was brought along by Fraser Ludlam and his 11-year-old son, Arthur. The appraisal revealed that the chair was from Sri Lanka and was made of ebony, with a value up to £3,500. The pair said they would be taking the chair home with them. A collectible figurine was also taken along by Amanda Bowler, and was valued at £1,000, although she also stated that she wouldn’t be selling it.

If a piece is particularly beautiful, or there are memories attached, perhaps to an item like an antique dining table and chairs, the owner won’t want to sell. There are several antiques stores in Lancashire, where a range of antiques can be found.

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