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January 29, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Bookcases — Richard

The BBCs Antiques Roadshow will be visiting Lowther Castle this year and the team are expecting a few surprises during filming. The presenter of the show, Fiona Bruce, has previously commented that the show is about more than antiques, it’s also “about history, beauty and drama.”

The history of Lowther Castle and the grounds dates back centuries, although the ruins of the mansion are relatively recent as they date to 1806-1814. It is believed that the foundations of the original property are in the gardens, possibly along with the remains of a medieval village. The Antiques Roadshow team will carry out the filming in June without doing any work on the house beforehand, so that viewers and visitors to the location will see the ruins as they really are. Many people are said to believe that the ruins have a supernatural feel to them, while others talk of romance.

The episode of Antiques Roadshow which is being filmed this year will be aired during 2015. Work to stabilise the ruins and create a visitors attraction are almost complete and the Lowther museum and gallery will be open by the time the TV show is aired.

Ancient buildings and antiques often conjure up images of the days gone by, especially antique furniture which may have been used by generations. Collectors often select a fine piece after learning of its history, like antique bookcases. Ribble Valley has a number of antiques dealers which have a variety of pieces which they are happy to display.

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