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May 10, 2017 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

Geoffrey Munn, an expert who regularly appears on the popular TV programme Antiques Roadshow, made one of the guests cry tears of joy recently when he told her the value of a family heirloom.

Most of the guests dream of finding a family treasure which turns out to be extremely valuable, and for one guest, who has remained unnamed, that dream came true. Munn was presented with a bracelet that created quite a stir. The bracelet was platinum, contained diamonds and was described by Munn as “the most marvellous ‘slinky malinky’ diamond and platinum bracelet” that he had seen.

According to the owner of the jewellery, she had inherited it from her mother-in-law, although there were very few other details given. The owner said that her mother-in-law had received the bracelet from her husband, who may have bought it at auction. As he was a frequent traveller, this was highly likley and he may have bought it anywhere in the world.

Munn spent a considerable time describing the bracelet and its possible history before revealing the value, saying that he believed the bracelet was in the Art Deco style, made sometime between 1927 and the 1930s, and was bought for sheer pleasure to be worn at a Paris reception.

The antiques expert finally revealed that the bracelet was worth around £150,000, causing the overwhelmed owner to exclaim that she would be able to afford a Bentley.

The valuable piece will probably add some sparkle to some late Victorian furniture, possibly in a bedroom where the bracelet could be stored safely.

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