22 Apr 2021
February 15, 2021 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Mark

On a recent episode of the BBC television program Antiques Roadshow, a guest brought in the most expensive table ever seen on the show.

The owner of the Chinese table bought it at an online auction for £7,000. Expert Marc Allum said that a similar table was recently sold for £55,000, but its condition was not as good as the one he was asked to value. The one sold was missing its marble top, whereas the table in front of him had its top still intact.

Allum said that at a specialised oriental auction, or at an auction in Hong Kong, the table could be worth as much as £120,000.

Stunned by the massive valuation for the table, its owner could only respond:

“That’s nice.”

By contrast, World War II memorabilia brought to the Antiques Roadshow to be valued was not given a price. A medal was shown to expert Mark Smith, who identified it as one to mark the 10th anniversary of the concentration camps’ liberation. The medal was given to a Belgian survivor of a camp. Smith explained that the Antiques Roadshow has a policy of not valuing Holocaust items, as there is no price to put on what the survivors had to suffer through in order to receive their medals.

You are unlikely to find a Chinese table worth over £100,000 at Lancashire antique dealers, but you can see affordable antique dining and coffee tables for buyers with more modest budgets.

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