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A recent article in the Washington Post, reported that 5000 people attended the Antiques Roadshow at its first outing in Washington. Apparently 23,000 people had chased after the 5,000 available tickets which show that the Roadshow is just as popular over in the US as it is in the UK. Although it hasn’t been running for quite the 30 years of the British version, the Roadshow has been filming in the US for 14 years now. An appraiser described the US version of the Roadshow as ‘the History Channel meets Who wants to be a Millionaire.’

As would be expected, the range of items brought along to be valued varies tremendously, but essentially a majority have an American flavour, hence its popularity in the US. Although precious British artefacts such as a William Shakespeare first edition folio have been brought along to the US Roadshow, a vast number of items valued are essentially American. Examples brought to the Washington programme are a bearskin rug that supposedly belonged to Bette Davis’ daughter, and various copies of the Declaration of Independence.

It has been said however that one of the main attractions, rather than purely the value of items, are the stories that have grown up around these artefacts over the years which owners happily share with the rest of America’s viewing public.

Antique furniture always has a good story to tell. If you want to sell or find out more about any antique bookcase, dining table or antique dining chairs , Lancashire antiques dealers would be happy to appraise any items for you.

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