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September 11, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

The popular TV programme Antiques Roadshow recently aired an episode which had been filmed at Eastbourne in May this year. The filming had been carried out at the Bandstand and some amazing discoveries were made by the experts. Fiona Bruce and the team of experts discovered some photographs of Marilyn Monroe, which hadn’t been seen previously, and they were valued around £80,000.

Experts on the day included David Battie, Joanna Hardie, Judith Miller, Will Farmer and Ronnie Archie Morgan. Following a brief history of the town, experts talked to the people who had brought items to be valued.

Some of the objects examined turned out to be extremely valuable. An estimate of over £60,000 was given for some emerald jewellery, while a Peter Brook painting of a Yorkshire mill was valued at £4,500, although it had been bought for a mere £35.

Children whose parents had both died of cancer brought in over 1,000 Russian figurines. Their value was estimated at around £100 each. One item of interest which was brought along to the show was a beacon lamp, which had been used on D Day to co-ordinate landings, owned by Martin Billenness from Eastbourne.

A number of items purchased at relatively low prices were given high valuations. Although auctions are commonplace, the people who purchase the items will pay slightly more as a buyer’s premium will be included in the sale price. Items like antique dining chairs and tables can be found at reputable dealers – without the premium.

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