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August 24, 2016 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

A woman who visited the Antiques Roadshow recently was shocked when the value of her two Victorian dolls was revealed.

The popular BBC show was being filmed at Cawdor Castle in Nairn, Scotland, with the team huddled under umbrellas and tents to avoid the drizzle. The gloomy weather and Gothic surroundings of the castle provided the ideal backdrop to one of the show’s features. Bunny Campione gave an appraisal to a woman who had brought along two antique dolls from the 19th Century.

One of the dolls was believed to have been made in Germany by Kammer & Reinhardt, dating back to 1880. The doll’s legs and head were not attached to the body, while the face displayed an open mouth, with sharp looking teeth slightly visible. The owner of the doll explained that her mother had been in the business of reproduction dolls. The owner had purchased the doll for £12. Campione said that despite the doll being unstrung and having no clothes, it would still be worth around £200 to £300.

The real shock was the second antique doll, known as a bisque doll. Campione stated that this doll was more suited to the taste of collectors, as it had a closed mouth. The hair of the doll was goat’s hair, and the body had a hollow compartment that would have contained a phonograph. The early walking-talking doll was valued around £4,000, leaving the owner standing in disbelief.

Dolls like this could benefit from being displayed in a room furnished with late Victorian furniture.

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