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July 17, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — Harriet

During filming of the Antiques Roadshow while at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art recently, the experts uncovered some hidden gems, surprising some of the owners. One of the treasures was a statue that had previously been used as a toy, but turned out to be worth around £10,000. Fiona Bruce, the presenter of the popular TV show, was on hand to spot a boy and his grandfather, wielding rare bagpipes, although an accurate value couldn’t be given.

People who had brought along antiques and collectibles stood in the sun waiting to see an appraiser. Fiona Bruce welcomed some of the people in the reception tent and then later travelled along the queue on the lookout for any unusual items or a good story. Cormack Russell and his granddad, Bill Tait, certainly had an interesting story and Fiona called her editor along so that the pair could be filmed. They had brought 19th century bagpipes which had been purchased from a shop specialising in the instrument in the 1940s. Bill had been teaching his grandson how to play the bagpipes since he was four years old.

Although bagpipes have been previously sold for around £3,500, the experts believed that the value would depend on how much a collector wanted the pipes. The same principle can be applied to any rare antiques, including furniture items like antique cabinets. It is also likely that a family will use antique furniture, not realising its true value. Antiques dealers in locations like Preston often have a variety of rare antiques for sale.

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