31 May 2020
April 23, 2018 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

On an episode of Antiques Roadshow broadcast on April 15th 2018, a Fabergé Flower was valued at over £1 million. The piece consisted of a gold twig resting in a rock crystal vase carved to make it look like water.

The Fabergé Flower belongs to the Queen’s Own Worcestershire Hussars. The wife of the second in command of the regiment, Lady Dudley commissioned the flower from Fabergé in around 1900, to resemble the pear blossom emblem of the regimental badge. It is placed on the table at every regiment dinner or function. This frequent use led to damage on the piece with a chip out of one of the leaves.

The flower has such sentimental value to the regiment that its Honorary Colonel, Stamford Cartwright has said that it will never be sold.

Geoffrey Munn, the expert that valued the flower said that it was the most extraordinary discovery of his time on the Roadshow. He said that he has no idea what pieces he will see on the show, which meant that finding the Fabergé was a complete surprise. Outside of the Royal Collection, the flower is the most ambitious of all the Fabergé flower studies. Because of their fragile nature, many Fabergé flowers have not survived.

When visiting Lancashire antique shops, you will not find any £1 million Fabergé flowers, but you will see fine examples of inlaid Edwardian furniture or French ormolu mounted vitrines made by craftsmen who, like the Fabergé designers, were dedicated to outstanding quality.

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