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June 25, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Furniture — Richard

An 87 year old Chicago woman has cited her antiques store as the reason for her staying so young for her age. Phyllis Pesce opened her antiques resale store around eight years ago in Glenview, although she states that the store isn’t a job, but a way to keep active and avoid the nursing homes.

Speaking recently to a local publication, Pesce was brought up in Chicago by her Italian parents. Together with her husband, who died 23 years ago, she moved to New York to raise her children before moving back to her hometown of Chicago. The couple had a restaurant and two bars in Chicago, which Pesce admits made her happy as she was always busy working. Although Pesce always asks for the price she paid for an item as a minimum, she will let the customer make her an offer for an item. This includes one customer who made an offer for an antique rocking chair with a seat that had been embroidered. The antiques store has a variety of items, from jewellery and crystal to home décor and furniture. Although Pesce has lived with her daughter for the last 15 years, she still has a passion for estate sales and McDonalds breakfasts.

Antiques often have a relaxing effect on people, as they browse and perhaps learn some of the history behind an item. In the UK, there are antiques stores where the dealers are happy to demonstrate a host of objects, including antique furniture items such as antique desks. Lancashire is just one of the regions where you will find a reputable antiques dealer.

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