22 Apr 2021
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A group of antique collectors and dealers has persuaded London’s High Court to grant a judicial review of the Ivory Act.

The Ivory Act of 2018, which is not yet law, threatens to impose a ban on selling antiques that contain ivory. The supporters of the act are motivated by the desire to protect elephants from being killed by poachers for their tusks.

The group argued that banning the sale of antiques, many of which are over 100 years old, is not a threat to conserving elephants.

The government has argued that there is a link between elephant poaching and fake antiques which contain ivory from recently killed elephants. The group has challenged the government over this by saying:

“The Ivory Act is in direct and irreconcilable conflict with the EU’s exercise of competence in this field and cannot stand. The true issue is of accurate certification.”

The group argues that there needs to be more trained experts that can spot fake ivory antiques so that the making and sale of fakes is stopped. If the law applies to all antiques, they say that this will negatively affect the livelihood of antique dealers. A review of the case is to be held in October.

The odd antique item found in Lancashire antique shops, such as inlaid Edwardian furniture, may contain ivory, and these can still be purchased. Whether you find an item that contains ivory or not, it can still enhance the style of your home.

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