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October 28, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Richard

On the back of books like Antiquing Weekends: 52 Excursions across America by Gladys Montgomery, for antiques lovers, the idea of going away for an antiques weekend becomes very attractive. Even more so when the antiques experience takes place in beautiful old period hotels, which themselves were originally the grand country houses of the aristocracy. It then becomes a trip back in time to a more gracious age, an opportunity to sleep in a grand bedchamber, eat well in sumptuous surroundings and perhaps purchase a piece of antique furniture, jewellery or glass to take away with you as a memento of your visit.

Hellaby Hall in Yorkshire, on the surface, provides such a venue for the avid antiques aficionados and it is not too expensive either. The house, built in the late 17th century, presents a wonderful example of English architecture of the period with its striking stone built façade and is a lucky survivor of its type. However, that is where the authenticity ends. Although housing antiques fairs, the Hall has been well and truly converted to cater for four star modern usage and very little of its original splendour remains once you walk through the door.

Other hotels like Miller’s (Martin Miller of the Millers Antiques Price Guide fame) Glencot House attempt to offer the complete antique experience. Although Victorian built in the Jacobean style, it provides the ultimate in Victorian Gothic splendour. And he doesn’t stop there. Another hotel of his, Miller’s Residence in central London, offers exclusive salon rooms fully beset with genuine themed antique furniture.

The Residence is also suggested as a convenient repose after taking in a lecture at Miller’s Academy of Arts and Science in Notting Hill to complete the ultimate in the antique experience.

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