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March 24, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Harriet

The Medford Historical Society and Museum will be hosting two talks in the coming weeks that will cover clocks and antiques, both providing some of the background and history of items that attendees may have in their own homes.

The first presentation, which will be held on 26th March, will feature Bob Fishman, an expert in clocks and the founder of Bell-Time Clocks in the US state of Massachusetts. He will provide information about New England clocks and give appraisals of any timepieces that have been brought along to the event. Fishman is an expert in the repair and restoration of antique timepieces, having restored more than 7,000. In addition to this, he has sold over 1,600 antique clocks.

On 5th April, Kaminski Auctions will host the “Antique Appraisal Afternoon”, where an expert will appraise a selection of items brought along by members of the public. The only items that won’t be appraised are books, jewellery, stamps and coins. Large items of antique furniture, however, will be appraised from photographs if need be. The auctioneer has requested that a drawer from the antique furniture, if available, is taken along to help with the appraisal.

Each item looked over will be charged $10, with three items per person being the maximum.

For those who are seeking traditional pieces of furniture, there are a number of reputable antiques dealers in Blackburn, UK. Items like antique bedroom furniture can be found there, providing solid fixtures for a home – along with a slice of history.

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