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January 6, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

According to Architectural Digest, antique furniture is set to be a design trend for 2020.

The popularity of antique furniture is driven by both an appreciation of the design of antique pieces and the desire to have more sustainable products in the home. People are aware of the ways that their shopping habits can affect the environment and want more eco-friendly items. Newly-made furniture creates far more carbon emissions than antique furniture.

Consumers want their rooms to reflect their individuality and personality, and antique furniture expresses individual tastes more than mass-produced modern furniture.

There is also a return to more traditional decor, with classic shapes, bold prints, and traditional solid wood furniture all coming back into fashion. Furthermore, there is the added benefit that many pieces of antique furniture will appreciate in value over the years.

According to David Phoenix, a Los Angeles-based interior designer, antique furniture is not restricted to traditional style rooms. He says:

“In a contemporary setting, it is nice to have an old piece or something that you have grown up with, or [has been] passed down from a family member.”

There is a trend for higher tables, where people sit on high bar stools. Many furniture makers sell modern bar stools, but with many pubs closing, you can source original stools from antique dealers.

It is predicted that more homeowners will want bright colours, patterns and prints into their homes. At Lancashire antique dealers, you can find antique chaise longues, sofas and settees upholstered with bold pattern textiles and rich velvet textures.

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