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May 20, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

An article published on the 16th May in The Daily Telegraph by Jonathan Wynne-Jones, their Media Correspondent, suggests that the antiques trade is complaining that programmes such as Cash in the Attic and even the Antiques Roadshow tend to overly focus on an item’s value rather than the artefact itself.

The appreciation for the item, rather than its resale value however, could smack rather of elitism, particularly where most people are feeling the pinch financially at the moment. The trade seem worried that antiques generally are going to be reduced to some sort of media side show through the growing number of antiques focused shows on television at present. They suggest that a greater focus should be on the cultural history of an item rather than its value.

The trade perhaps has conveniently forgotten that many top of the range antiques are bought purely for speculative profit anyway, so what is the harm in the rest of us looking to make some money out of antiques, or at least knowing their value, so that if we need to sell them, we know what they are worth?

Programmes like Bargain Hunt, Dickinson’s Real Deal and the Antiques Roadshow have done much to educate the general public on the potential value of antiques as well as divulge some of their cultural secrets and also show that anyone can find a precious item whether through a dealer, at an auction or the local car boot sale.

When looking to invest in an antique cabinet in Lancashire , local antiques dealers are able to provide historicist as well as investment knowledge.

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