25 May 2020
February 19, 2019 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

Artist Mario Klingemann has combined artificial intelligence (AI) and antiques to create an artwork with an estimated value between $38,000 and $51,000.

The work is entitled ‘Memories of Passerby I’ and combines a computer system with antique-style furniture that looks like a cross between a mid-century cabinet and an old-fashioned radio. Two large screens connected by wires to the furniture display human faces that are generated with AI algorithms to create a large variety of human faces. The AI composes its faces by combining elements from a dataset of faces from 17th to 19th Century paintings.

Klingemann says that his choice of antique-looking furniture is like a trojan horse:

“I wanted to give it an appealing, non-threatening appearance so it is welcome inside the gates, given a place to stay and access to someone’s power outlet.”

The furniture style and the faces created by the computer are influenced by the past and combine with AI, which is a present and future technology. The artwork is being sold at auction soon and is expected to fetch up to $51,000 (£39,500). The total value of the furniture, the screens and the computer are not worth this amount. According to Klingemann, the value of the artwork lies in the computer code that is responsible for using AI to generate the images.

At Lancashire antique shops you can buy an antique cabinet, but no computers are available to attach to it. Most people prefer that their antique furniture and computers remain separate.

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