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Although Art Deco furniture was originally made for the luxury end of the market, it was not long before its geometric styling became generally fashionable and mass produced.

Post WWI was a time of change where modernism was disassociating itself from the horrors of war and Art Deco design was very much a part of this. With new materials like tubular steel and glass being used, essentially modern pieces of furniture were emerging such as the three piece suite, the wardrobe and dressing table. Although these pieces still owed much to the 18th and 19th centuries, they essentially became very much a part of Art Deco styling and synonymous with the 1920s and 1930s in particular. Cheaper coverings such as calico and rexine (synthetic leather), and cellulose finish instead of expensive wood veneers were used which also dramatically reduced production costs and made furniture generally affordable.

The cocktail cabinet however was a modern invention. Cocktails rather than champagne were becoming the drink of choice influenced by American barmen who were now coming to Europe to work to escape Prohibition (1919-1933). Drinking at home was becoming far more widespread too and the cocktail cabinet fitted neatly into the smaller sitting rooms of newly built post war houses and flats. As the cocktail cabinet was an invention of the period, and inspired very much by the ‘Bright Young Things’ of the time, Art Deco design was exploited to the full on these pieces to produce innovatively designed pieces of vernacular furniture.

Much antique furniture of varying quality was made during the Art Deco period. For advice on Art Deco antique cabinets, Preston antique dealers will be pleased to help.

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