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October 5, 2012 - Filed under: Antique Tables — Richard

In Lancashire, buying an antique dining table at auction is often a bit of a gamble, but in Edinburgh a consignor is actually being sued by one of the country’s most well-known auction houses.

The problem began in 2008 when Lyon & Turnbull, a valuer and auctioneer, sold a Georgian mahogany antique dining table for £15,000 that proved to be a fake. The buyer returned the table to the auctioneer and was promptly reimbursed. However, when the original owner refused to take it back or refund the sum made from the sale, Lyon & Turnbull had no option but to pursue him for damages through the civil court.

The table was part of a consignment from Barry Sabine, who gave the impression of being a legitimate antique dealer, acting in the course of his business. The auctioneers had no trouble in accepting his warranty that the table was a genuine Georgian antique, and gave it a top estimate of £20,000.

In fact, Sabine, who says the misrepresentation was entirely innocent, claims he paid £3,500 for the table at another auction in the belief it was genuine Regency, and has testimonials from antique dealers who also thought it was the real deal. However, a report from BADA (the British Antique Dealers Association) revealed the piece was deliberately made to deceive.

If you are buying an antique dining table in Lancashire , an established antique dealer will be able to guarantee its authenticity.

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