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July 11, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

An antiques collector, who previously lived in America, has decided to place some of his memorabilia up for sale – including a lock of hair from Elvis Presley. The bizarre item was discovered while John Perrins and his family were living in the US.

While living in America, John paid a visit to Memphis, which is where he purchased the piece of hair believed to be from Elvis Presley. A certificate of authentication accompanies the hair. The barber of Elvis, Homer Gill Gilleland, spent more than 20 years cutting and dying the hair of Elvis. He reportedly cut strands of Elvis’s hair and saved it in a towel, eventually selling the hair when Elvis died in 1977.

In 2005, the family home of John Perrin was severely damaged during a hurricane while living in South Florida. The family, together with their dogs, survived the ordeal by taking shelter in a ‘walk-in’ wardrobe that was located behind a stone chimney. John said:

“It happened so quickly in the middle of the night. But I remembered that when you see photos of hurricane-hit homes it is always the stone chimneys that are still standing.”

As John’s health had deteriorated and the house was damaged so badly, the family had no other option than to return to Oswestry. Although the lock of hair is an unusual discovery, people typically search for other items like antique furniture, which can be authenticated by a knowledgeable antiques dealer. For instance, you will discover a number of dealers who are happy to display genuine antique chests in Preston .

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