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A story in South Coast Today told of a young man with Asperger’s who is brilliant at spotting antiques. People affected by Asperger’s, a kind of autism, may have a highly focused interest in particular subject areas but are often very bad at socialising and can easily become agitated in crowded and noisy environments. Because Abraham has a fantastic memory, he is able to absorb large amounts of information about antiques and is also excellent at determining value.

A divvy, or diviner, is someone usually in the antiques trade who is able to almost feel the presence of a valuable antique within a room full of run of the mill items. The 1980s and 1990s programme Lovejoy based its characterisation around the leading character’s ability to sniff out a valuable item. Auction houses and dealers refer to items as ‘sleepers’ where valuable items exist in homes without a person’s knowledge or even in a saleroom where it may have gone undetected by the auctioneer. Abraham recently bought a knife where he managed to barter down the dealer to 50 cents and on getting it home, the family found it to be worth $200. His father says he seems to have an intuition when it comes to buying antiques.

Although Abraham because of his Asperger’s has had problems with bullying during his school life, he is now settled in another school and responds well to the support he now receives. His family are also not too worried about him attending college later as they are convinced that he will be able to make a living locally as an antiques appraiser and dealer.

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