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March 10, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Toys — Harriet

As Sports Illustrated celebrates 50 years since it first launched its yearly Swimsuit Issue, the magazine has united with Barbie as part of an ad campaign called “The Doll that Started it All”, which is expected to attract toy collectors, sports enthusiasts and antiques dealers.

The iconic doll will commemorate the milestone of the Swimsuit Issue by wearing the black and white swimming costume it sported from 1959 to 1960. The outfit itself has been valued at $15 (£9), but is more valuable when paired with the doll.

Barbie accessories – including miniature items of clothing, furniture and other objects – are popular with many collectors. To celebrate half a century of the magazine’s special feature, a limited edition of Swimsuit Issue Barbie will be available to buy from Target.com. The combination of Barbie and the anniversary edition has caused a stir among collectors.

Over the decades, Barbie has created huge debates among those who believe the doll is responsible for creating an unrealistic body image and those who think that Barbie represents the ‘career woman’ of today’s society, with collectors on both sides of the argument appreciating the value of dolls from the toy’s early years.

Many antiques will increase in value if collected as part of a set of matching items – particularly in the case of clothing and furniture. For instance, antique dining chairs will have a greater value if sold together with an antique dining table from the same period.

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