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June 27, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

Ewan Dunlop has finally managed to fulfil his lifelong dream of appearing and taking part in Bargain Hunt, the popular antiques show which airs on the BBC. Dunlop, who works for Crawley Town Football Club, first wanted to appear on the show while he was a student at university. Eventually, the enthusiasm of Dunlop and his girlfriend Candice Payne won them a place in the show, teaming up with Thomas Plant, the antiques expert who is also featured on Flog It!

The couple were given £300 to buy the three items which they believed would make the largest profit when sold at auction later. Although the couple wouldn’t give away any secrets about the hunt for antiques, they did appear enthusiastic about the team colour, red, which is the colour for the football team. During his days as a student, Dunlop tried to make money buying and selling antiques, buying at auction before selling at car boot sales. However, he only made a profit of around £15. Items are generally more expensive at auction, as they include a buyer’s premium, which is why collectors will often browse antiques stores.

The only items Dunlop would reveal were some rowing oars, which may not have been the most lucrative discovery for the couple. Finding genuine antiques can be difficult for anyone who isn’t an expert, especially when searching for antique furniture like antique bookcases. Rather than buying at auction, an antiques dealer at a store will be able to provide advice and guidance to interested parties.

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