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April 26, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

Tim Wonnacott, the current presenter of BBC TV’s Bargain Hunt antiques programme, struck gold when he unearthed four tiny nuggets in an envelope – in a wet tent at an antiques fair in Leicester.

Last weekend, Wonnacott – who has appeared as an expert on Antiques Roadshow as well as Bargain Hunt – was in Australia’s capital of Canberra and paid a visit to Australia’s National Museum, to see again this unusual find which is now housed in the museum.

Wonnacott was busy filming an episode of Bargain Hunt when he came across the envelope with the four tiny gold nuggets inside. On the outside of the envelope, there was a short note along with an address. The envelope was addressed to Mrs Thornycroft, and there was a mention of Emu Creek, Australia. Wonnacott said of the find:

“I thought it was so unlikely for this thing to be discovered in a wet tent in England that it had to be not a fake or a fabrication – no one would fabricate a location in Australia and call it Emu Creek without there really being an Emu Creek.”

The four nuggets of gold were considered of such importance that they were purchased by the National Museum and are now among their prized exhibits.

Visiting a local antique dealer in the Preston area might not uncover gold – but you will be sure to find some amazing quality antique open bookcases or some interesting arts and crafts furniture to complement your home.

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