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August 13, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

Experts from the TV programme Antiques Road Trip will be appearing at an auction house in Swindon to sell items that have been discovered at junk shops and markets. It is believed that some of the items may actually be valuable. There will be around 10 items sold at Kidson-Trigg Auctioneers, where audiences will be joined by experts Helen Hall and James Braxton.

The TV show, which is aired on BBC2, features antiques experts buying items found at junk shops and flea markets before selling them at auction. The experts compete to see who will raise the most money from the sales. The show offers light hearted insights into the world of antiques.

Auctioneer and saleroom director Pippa Kidson-Trigg stated that they wanted greater interest from young people, admitting that the auction process may be intimidating to some. She said:

“Antiques are green and in this day and age of recycling, auctions are a great way of furnishing houses, picking up furniture at much cheaper prices than retail, and if you are a collector, everything is online now for accessible online searches.”

Although an auction is a simple way to find antique furniture, a buyer’s premium will be charged, which increases the price. Local antiques dealers will display a selection of furniture, including open bookcases. Lancashire dealers typically have a good selection of antique furniture at reasonable prices. Among the items to be sold at auction are a Victorian mantle clock, an Asprey of London matchbox holder produced in the 1960s and a Victorian writing box made from Mahogany.

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